Roulette TV Presenter

The Live Roulette tv presenters are a variety of croupiers that are entertaining to watch while playing the game. They are all trained as both presenters (to keep you entertained) and croupiers to ensure you get the full casino experience from the comfort of your own home.
Many of the presenters have become so popular that they have large fan bases and they also appear on other shows outside Supercasino, roulette – and now Live Blackjack.
Below we have given you a little background on our presenters…

Live Roulette TV PresentersRoulette TV Presenters

Chris Ditchburn

The most loveable character and the longest presenting member of the team. Chris appeared in his first play at 4 years old in “The three little pigs” as…The Big Bad Wolf!
Chris has been presenting and acting for around 14 years. He has previously worked in land-based casinos and has had plenty of experience spinning the rear wheel. He loves his job, and is often heard saying he wouldn’t trade his place for anyone else’s in the world!

Natasha Powell

Natasha is a classically trained thespian actor and has been acting since childhood. She has had recent appearances in East Enders playing the part of the seductress with Gary. She has acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the ripe age of 18 and never looked back.

Oreke Mosheshe

Oreke graduated with a Management and Law degree under her belt and started out modeling part-time to pay the bills. She has been crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropics and successfully done feature films with Guy Ritchie. One of the longest-serving roulette TV presenters Oreke is known for her cheeky sense of humor and gorgeous looks.


One of the funniest members of the presenting team, she is down to earth and non-stop chatterbox. At this years V festival, she got David Tennant talking so much that they couldn’t broadcast all of the footage! Both cheeky and spontaneous Anstey is a lady that clearly enjoys being on the screen.

Kylie Cushman

The resident girl from “down under” as Clive James told her has “sunshine coming out of her bones”. She had her first lead as a munchkin in “The Wizard of Oz” at the age of three, and since then Kyle has been presenting and spinning the roulette wheel with more frequency on our screens. Expect a lot from this little munchkin in 2009!

Richie Litchfield

With 6 years of live presenting experience, Richie brings “Trisha” to the show. Richie started his roulette casino experience working on cruise liners. Richie was fascinated by the game and wanted to learn by working as an actual croupier. Richie enjoys playing the virtual game of live roulette as well as watching the show. He reckons it’s the best TV Roulette show in the world – and we agree.


Rob started out as an extra on the film “Eyes Wide Shut” and since then has been addicted to the big screen. He has also hosted Radio shows, done numerous voiceovers and many live events including modeling shows in the UK and internationally. Known as the “pin-up boy” of the program.
This is only part of the team of Supercasino’s LR presenters, if you would like to find out about the other roulette TV presenters has plenty of information on the website where you can read more.