Roulette Tips

Top roulette tips and successful formulas to win at online roulette. Roulette tips & strategy with live Dealer Casinos.

Roulette Tips1. Dealer Spins

The winning number can quite often be predicted by analyzing a dealer’s spins.Each dealer has a unique spin and although he or she is trained to spin the ball at different speeds, in practice this doesn’t always happen and it is fairly common for previous numbers to be repeated. Sometimes up to five times in a row!

2. Recording Spins – Another Top Roulette Tips

For many dealers, this is usually a wake-up call to change their spin. Most casinos are trained to be alert to dealers spinning neighbors bets and will remind them to change their spin, however, if you are quick enough this can be your time to really clean up on the tables.

3. Data Collection

By recording the spins a particular deal makes and analyzing the data collected, it is possible to find dealers with consistent spins. You can then follow the dealer round the tables for an entire shift and place bets based on your predictions. This will mean, however, that you may need to have sufficient bankroll to place bets on the higher staking tables. The easiest way to find a dealer with a consistent spin is to count the number of revolutions the ball makes. For example, you may find that a dealer’s spin averages seven revolutions. You then need to analyze where the ball lands on these spins, record the number of revolutions it makes, as well as the starting point (the last winning number) and the finishing point (the winning number). You then need to eliminate any spins that are longer or shorter than the average spin (seven in this case) and estimate the distance between the starting point and the winning number. NB: Neighbours bets or specialty bets are ideal for this method of play.