Keno Games

To start online winning at Keno, prospective players can quickly register with an online casino and begin picking numbers. Keno is an easy game to learn, and after a few practice rounds, you will be an expert at playing.
If you have ever played any sort of lottery game, you will already have a basic grasp of Keno. offers a preview of their Keno board. You can take a look at the Keno display and recent winning numbers using this preview feature for a head start on understanding the game.

The Game – KenoKeno Games

The game of Keno features a board listing numbers 1 through 80. Depending on the variation of Keno, players typically select between 3 to10 numbers. Players will also need to decide how much to bet on the Keno round. Once numbers are selected and bets are placed, the player can click an on-screen button to start the game. Random numbers are generated for the round and winnings are based on the number of matches the player selected.

Free Play

If you are reluctant to bet before learning the game, some online casinos such as offer no deposit, no risk, free play. Players can walk away from a losing game without paying but are awarded real money for winning. Online casinos also frequently offer deposit bonuses so players can maximize play time and online winning at Keno.

Online Like Real

The sounds, animations, and flashing lights on internet casino sites give a real-world feel when playing Keno. Experience the excitement of Vegas or Monte Carlo without the hassle and expense of travel. Like real-world casinos, online casinos often have exciting themes and the site graphics are designed to match these themes.

Security and Protection

While the purpose of playing online Keno is fun, it’s important to register with an accredited online casino that follows established guidelines to ensure game outcomes are random and players have a fair chance of winning. Independent testing firms certify the fairness of online casino games and reputable online casinos post this information on their sites. Also, check to ensure the online casino provides a secure online connection for deposits and posts their policies to protect your private information.

Casino Accounts

Online account information is available for players to keep track of their deposits and winnings. Credit cards are typically accepted for deposits, though online casinos often offer alternative funding methods if the customer prefers. Customer service representatives are available by phone or email if you experience any problems or have any questions.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty to a particular online casino can be rewarding since casinos have established programs which allow higher betting limits and award bonuses to frequent players. Special promotions are common such as bonuses for weekend deposits or bonuses for referring friends.

High Noon Casino

High Noon Casino has an instant play option that does not require downloading any software. High Noon’s instant play option even lets you select between playing for fun or playing for real. Instant play is useful if you wish to play on a public computer or other computers for which you do not have administrative rights, so you can continue online winning at Keno no matter where you are located.
With all the great online casinos available, you will want to try a round or two right away to experience the fun of online winning at Keno.