Neteller and online gambling appear to go hand in hand. While there are many online payment sites that cater to casinos, it seems to be the preferred choice. It is constantly being mentioned in gambling forums, blogs, articles, and other related websites.

General Information

No affiliations or partnerships exist between Neteller and online gambling providers. The site is simply recommended because it is safe, quick, and convenient. It offers clients the ability to transfer money, a service that is in high demand. Clients choose it because it meets their needs by offering seven different payment methods and five withdrawal options.

Opening an Account

Neteller and online gambling are similar in that they both require an account to be opened. The difference is in the information required to open the account and the purpose of the account. A Neteller account will also only have to be opened once whereas online gambling accounts must be opened for each site.
To open a Neteller account a client will have to live in one of the countries specified. The United States, for example, is not on the list so someone residing in this country cannot open an account. Once the client has established that they meet the residency requirements they will need to enter personal information.
Neteller will first request that the client provide an email and password, along with the country in which they reside and a security question. It will then ask for the full name, address, and phone number of the applicant. Submission of gender and birth date information is not optional. The site will then provide you with an account id and a secure id. An email will also be sent to you. At this point, the site will ask for your financial information.

Making a Deposit With Neteller

NetellerTo deposit money in an account a client has seven options. Each option has different benefits or drawbacks. All options are not offered in all of the countries that Neteller has authorized.


Ukash allows customers to transfer money from a purchased voucher. It clears instantly and Neteller does not charge a fee for using it.

Instant Bank Deposits

It allows customers transfer money to Neteller accounts through online banking. This has varying fees associated with it but does clear immediately.

Local Bank Deposits

A transfer is done in the bank to a Neteller account. No fees are associated with this transfer but clearing times vary.

Visa or MasterCard

This is an instant transfer from the credit card. The fee is 1.75 percent.

Visa Debit Card

This is both an instantaneous and free transfer.
International Bank Transfer – has no fees but takes 2-5 business days to clear.
Neteller also charges a currency exchange rate of 2.5 percent on top of the day’s interbank market rate.


If you should be so lucky to win at an online casino or simply decide to withdraw your money Neteller has five free options. Customers can receive a net prepaid card, a cheque, a bank transfer, a member wire, or a bank draft. The clearing times range from instant to 14 business days. The foreign exchange fee still applies if you elect to receive money that is different from the currency on your account.
Neteller and online gambling work together to complete these account transfers so that you can have fun and not worry. Gamblers can find Neteller at these online gambling sites:

  • BlackJack Ballroom
  • Casino Kingdom
  • Aladdin’s Gold
  • High Noon Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Vegas Palms
  • 7Sultans Casino – Spanish
    and Many More!

It also works with a lot of poker rooms. Poker, Pacific Poker, Titan Poker, and UltimateBet are just a few of the sites that accept payments from it.
Neteller and online gambling make it easier than ever to sit down and enjoy playing your favorite games. Everything can be done from your home and with a few clicks of your mouse. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your money is safe.