MoneyGram and online casinos are a great combination for transferring online gaming money. Moneygrams can be sent online using a credit card or bank account number. The option to send or receive cash from more than 190,000 local MoneyGram offices worldwide is also available.
Money transfer services are available globally, though some restrictions may exist due to the location from which they are sent or received. Amount restrictions and identification requirements are items which commonly vary due to location, so be sure to check on what you should bring before making a trip to a local agent. Costs for sending money via online transfer or through an agent location can be quickly estimated at the MoneyGram website. When an amount is being sent or received in a foreign currency, be sure to take currency translation rates and fees into account.

Details on Using MoneyGram

After selecting your favorite online casino, contact them directly to find out their procedures for transferring money via cash transfer services. Online casinos always offer options to immediately deposit funds online through a credit card account. To find out their arrangements for making deposits through money transfer services, check with the casino’s customer service department directly. Each casino may have a different money transfer policy and procedure in place.
Online casinos may offer cash out transfers through services such as MoneyGram, which allows a winning player to pick up their money in cash almost immediately after the transfer is completed. This option is much faster than waiting for a check to arrive and no bank account is needed.

Ways to Fund MoneyGram Transfers

MoneyGramOnline MoneyGram transfers can be funded by using either a credit card or bank account. Credit card deposits are available almost immediately. Bank account transfers are available in about three days. Once the transfer information is completed, a reference number for the transaction will be provided. Cash can be used to send money from local offices. Be sure to bring identification if using the local option. Identification will be needed whether sending or receiving money. If your cash out preferences involve MoneyGram and online casinos make sure the name, the casino has on file, matches the name on your identification exactly.

Transaction Security

Customers need to know their MoneyGram and online casinos transactions meet strict security standards. MoneyGram has their security policies posted on their website. An account tracking service accessible online and a 24-hour customer service staff available by phone provide resources to assist with keeping transactions secure and private.
In addition to online and in-person options, money transfer service is available by phone as well. Security measures are in place to ensure telephone transactions are also trouble free. MoneyGram and online casinos provide these security features to give customers confidence that their information is protected when using the services.

Loyalty Programs

This offers a loyalty program that provides discounts for customers who frequently send money. This automatically keeps track of money transfers eligible for loyalty discounts so there are no additional bookkeeping tasks for the customer. Special promotions are also offered to provide additional benefits.
Once your account is established your benefits are not limited to gaming transfers with online casinos. It

  • Paying bills
  • Sending emergency money to friends and relatives
  • Sending monetary gifts
  • Donations for disaster relief
  • Using MoneyGram transfers for these services will add to your loyalty account balance and increase the amounts of discounts you receive and the speed at which you earn them.
  • Considering convenience, security, and loyalty discounts, MoneyGram and online casinos make sense for online gaming and other transactions as well.