Low Minimum Entry Casinos

Low minimum entry online casinos are undoubtedly money makers. Gambling, even if not an addiction is massively appealing. It permits people to spend more money than they would at a physical location because there are no travel expenses. No plane ticket, no hotel stay, and no restaurant bills will easily save a $1000, which the gambler can now use to play at an online casino.

Certification and Legality

Online casinos are not legal in the United States. Many of the sites will be based out of Europe, in particular, the United Kingdom. Golden Cherry Casino is an online casino based in the United Kingdom but it is not approved as Certified Fair Gambling or CFG. If a site does not have this stamp of approval it is best to spend your money at another online casino. Grand Vegas and Go Casino are both located in England and meet the CFG requirements.

Available Games

Low Minimum Entry Online CasinosMost low minimum entry online casinos offer the same games available at brick-and-mortar gambling facilities. The gambler can opt to play Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, and of course Slots. Some sites offer Bingo, Keno, Poker Dice, and Baccarat. The rules for almost every game at an online casino are the same as the rules for a casino in Vegas, Atlantic City, or any other well-known gambling venues. The only exception is Roulette. Roulette can be played by European or American rules. Be sure to know how the game is being played before making any bets.


To gamble online you usually must first download the free software. Grand Vegas and Go Casino allow customers to play for free so that they can become comfortable with the game, the site, and the rules. Once the customer is ready, he or she may go ahead and place a bet using their own money. The minimum bet ranges from one penny to $2.50. These minimums cover every type of slot, table, progressive and specialty games.


A Google search for low minimum entry online casinos will result in some legitimate games but also a lot of scams. Be very careful when giving out credit card information. Research the site by viewing blogs. They are usually not reliable as sources but they can be helpful in finding out about scams. People tend to go out of their way to write bad things about a company, especially if the company is not reputable or has just conned someone out of a lot of money. A word of caution-stay away from casino sites based out of or mentioning Africa. They are almost always scams. A perfect example is this site naijaswagger.ning.com, which has actually been shut down.
Low minimum entry online casinos can be a way to make a little cash, provided Lady Luck is on your side. It can also be fun as long as you are careful and responsible. Doing some research and setting a spending limit are always good ideas. With such low bets, it can be easy to lose track of how much money you are gambling. So keep your fingers crossed, kiss your dice, and roll that lucky number 7!