Live Casino Roulette

Live Roulette tv is one of the best game shows in town.Smart Live Casino is certainly the best UK online casino.
It has been re-launched with a whole suite of other Live UK online casino games, however, most of you will know it as the home of our favorite gaming show.
Smart Live is now the home to the new show Live Blackjack as well as the flagship Roulette product and other games from the team.
You will find some other new game additions such as Live poker as well as the current favorites.

Live Casino RouletteThe LR show is one of the UK’s longest-running TV gaming programme, and also the UK’s most popular game show.
The site is also popular with players due to its generous promotions and bonuses.
The show has also built a large fan base due to its lively presenters who always add life and entertainment to the show.
You can watch the show on SKY channel 869, 24 hours a day and the ratings have gone through the roof, as for the first time the show allowed viewers to gamble from the comfort of their own homes on the outcome of a real casino wheel.
In early 2007 viewers were introduced to the online part of the gaming programme, which allowed players to place bets online through your PC.
The online interaction was so popular with UK players that in April 2009 the total winnings surpassed 1 million in one day.

The home of Live Casino Blackjack

Now, in addition to Roulette, our players can also play Live Blackjack.
As with roulette, Live Blackjack brings a genuine, live casino experience to the player with real dealers dealing real cards.
Rather than a computerized online experience, players see real cards dealt by a real dealer live as it actually happens and can join in and play just as in a real casino.