Live Casino Presenters

Smart Live Casino presenters are live between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. During this time you will actually see the wheel being spun by professional presenters and croupiers. Outside of those hours, a sealed auto wheel is spun by a complex system of hydraulics and air power allows you to play. There’s nothing quite like seeing a real wheel spun live! And if you can’t get the Smart Live Casino presenters channel, it’s possible to view online on the website.

Live Casino PresentersSara Damergi

Sara Damergi is one of the most popular Smart Live Casino presenters. She has presented on Channel 5, Bravo, and Living TV. She has just joined the presenting team at live roulette digital channel Smart Live Casino.

Jason Davies

Got into presenting by doing a job for Canon which was a combination of acting and presenting.If he wasn’t a presenter, he says he would be James Bond.When he isn’t being a Smart Live Casino presenter, you will usually find him – Acting in TV, theatre, modeling – watching sport (mainly rugby) — working out.

Roisin Guinan

Roisin trained to be a croupier 10 years ago, and the job has taken her all over the world! She has worked in land-based casinos all across London, and she has also worked on the cruise ships all over the world!

Lisa Leyland

Originally descending from The Bahamas, Lisa has been settled in London for the past 6 years.
On screen, her sparkling personality has seen her establish herself as a highly inventive talent.Lisa has lived all over the world in Dubai, Bahrain, and Jordan, before eventually settling in London.

Jemish Patel

After graduating he worked at the BBC, on the filming of four Arthur Miller plays before moving to The Money Channel to become a Floor Manager and subsequently ‘The Voice of the Channel’.
Jemish now works for Smart Live Casino on Sky 869, Freesat 852 and Freeview 22 (between 1am-3am) where he employs his famous quotes: “It has to be said Ladies & Gentlemen”, “To be honest!”, and “It’s just off the A406”. This channel launched on 16 May 2007. He was also the launch presenter for the channel.

Naomi Millbank-Smith

Last year she appeared on the reality show Shipwrecked which was aired on channel 4 on a Sunday. Naomi is a fully trained dancer and has had experience in all the fields of entertainment. You can currently catch Naomi on Smart Live most evenings!

More on Smart Live Casino Presenters…

The live roulette TV show is shown 24 hours a day BSkyB on two separate channels. 869 is the showcase channel featuring live casino presenters, while channel 870 shows the High Roller game, consisting of the automated wheel only. The live presenter show game is also shown on Free view, channel 22. With an array of special prizes both channels feature knowledgeable and expert live casino presenters, you’ll be guided through the game in a friendly manner. Placing bets is as simple as picking up the phone, although it’s also possible to play online. The live roulette show is on BSkyB channel 869 and 870 are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Freeview show is available from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am on channels 22 and 870 respectively.