While there are many resources available for keno strategy online, in order for you to develop a strategy of your own, you need to understand the rules of the game first. The majority of people will tell you that there is no way to have a strategy with a game like keno because it works on the same principles as the lottery – you play the numbers that you have chosen and hope for the best possible outcome.
The game works something like this: you will choose a selection of numbers. After you have done this, the numbers to play against drop through something called a gooseneck. As the numbers come through, you will mark off on a list the numbers that are the same from your choices made.
After this process is complete, you can calculate your earnings.

Keno Strategy Online These are some of the tips for keno strategy online:

  • Have a look at the results of the game received from a while back. Find the numbers that have not been winners for some time. A common theory is that these numbers have not won for a long time and that they will be more likely to come up again.
  • Another idea is the opposite of the one above – playing the numbers that have been winners for a few recent games in the hope that they will all win again. You might find yourself playing numbers that are in the middle of a winning streak.
  • Another keno strategy online is to choose one number and stay with this number until it wins. The mathematical calculation will tell you that this number has to repeat itself at some time. There is always the chance that this number does not come up when it “should” and you could play it for a long time before receiving anything worthwhile.
  • You do not need any particular talent to play the game and one school of thought suggests choosing your numbers, frequencies, and bets before the games commence and playing just what you have chosen. Sticking to a predetermined set of values might assist you when you are playing and suddenly change your mind and want to reassess your choices.
  • Betting systems are also used. There is a common belief that enough playing a particular game will allow your total wins to exceed your total losses. This will occur at some stage, as will losses exceeding wins, but in a perfect world, these would all be even.
  • Successive numbers also offer a different opportunity. There is no statistical evidence that this actually works.

The number of combinations available for a player to choose is ridiculously high. It is the same for the lottery where a series of numbers are chosen in the hope that these numbers will be verified in the draw. One of the main reasons that lottery draws have such high jackpots is because there is such a small chance of anyone actually winning the money.
Some strategies are flawed and not recommended for use in the game. When you play online, a random number generator will choose the numbers that you play against. There is no harm in adopting the same approach yourself. Search online, find a random number generator, set it for your requirements, and let the generator choose numbers for you. Essentially, the chance of winning this way is the same as if you had chosen the numbers yourself. Just remember: No keno strategy online is guaranteed to win.