Basic Craps Strategy Online

Basic craps strategy online is little different from casino strategy because the rules are the same. Knowing the basic wagering system is fundamental to maximizing your winnings and controlling your losses.

Rolling the Dice

At the casino, craps involve rolling a pair of dice with the number combination governing winning or losing. Online, the roll of the dice is controlled by software based on mathematical algorithms known as RNG or random number generation that yields the same odds as if die were being rolled in a casino. In a casino, the unadulterated rule of probability controls the outcome of a roll.

For example, there is only one combination that will total 12 and that is for both die to be a six. In other words, there is only a .0285% chance of rolling a 12 on any given roll. An online casino can adjust the RNG to give better odds than those at a casino.

The Bet

Basic craps strategy online takes into account the same betting protocol found at a casino.

  • Pass Line Bet – The first bet is the Pass Line Bet and if the dice total seven or 11 the bettor wins an equalBasic Craps Strategy Online amount to his wager. Rolling a two, three, or 12 on the come out roll is a losing situation for the Pass Line bettor.
  • Don’t Pass Bet – The Don’t Pass Bet works in a diametrically opposite manner to the Pass Line Bet in that the numbers two, three, and 12 are winners while the seven and 11 are the losing numbers. Either way, the number of the come out roll is known as “the point” and the shooter will continue to roll until he rolls a seven, known as “crapping out” or rolls the point. If the point is rolled before a seven the bettor wins the amount of money he wagered. However, should a seven come up first the bettor loses his wager. If the point is made then the house pays off and a new point is established with another come out roll.

The Craps Strategy Online

Basic craps strategy online allows for the making of Place Bets which are an adjunct of the Point Bet. Along with the Point Bet the bettor may wager on other number totals being rolled with the dice. The mathematically less likely point totals payout at higher odds. Five different dice roll combinations will total a six or eight but only two combinations will total three. Therefore, betting on the six or eight dice total yields less return than placing a bet on the combined total of three being rolled.

Field Bet

Another side bet that can be placed in online craps is the Field Bet. This bet pays out an equal amount to the amount wagered if a three, four, nine, 10, or 11 is rolled. With Field Bets, the numbers five, six, seven, or eight are losing numbers.

The safest bet to place in basic craps strategy online is the Pass Line Bet because the house has the smallest edge or chance of profiting on this bet. Since the value of the Pass Line Bet decreases after the come out roll it is not sound strategy to place this bet after the point has been established. Knowing these basic rules will enable you to enjoy playing craps.